What’s in a Title? A Small Business Owner’s Dilemma

    Founder. President. Owner. CEO.

    I have spent months trying to decide what title to use for my small organization. I went through dozens of blog posts and forums until I arrived to what seems to be the perfect fit (at the moment): Managing Director.

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    A big thanks to a brief description I saw from America’s Job Exchange:
    “Responsible for directing the activities of a specific department or departments within an organization. Manages other employees and ensures all business goals and objectives are reached.”

    It’s really hard when you are working on all the administrative, executive, operations, sales and marketing and even accounting function of your organization. I guess the title suits me best right now. Our organization is not yet too big to have a CEO and not too small to simply call myself an Owner.

    How about you, how did you come up with your current title?

    I’m interested to hear your story.

    All the best,

    Kei, Managing Director

    Kei San Pablo

    is the Founder and Managing Director of The K Squad Outsourcing Solutions. A self-confessed workaholic, she is a Virtual Entrepreneur and a hands-on Digital Marketing Strategist. When not working, she still thinks about work and her desire to travel the world with her bestfriend --- her Macbook Air.

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