On Blogging and Commitment

    I have been neglecting this blog for so long and I have no excuse for it. I signed up for a 30-Day Blog Challenge with our company’s blog so I decided to commit to at least 1 post per week on this blog too. I know that is not much, but it is a lot compared to my occasional posts.

    Blogging is not as easy as it seems. It takes time, mental and physical energy and most of all, COMMITMENT.



    Not everyone knows, but this is actually the fifth blog I have ever had.

    1. 2009. Coffee Skraps – What’s left in life after a cup of coffee…..
    It is still up, actually: http://coffeeskraps.blogspot.com/

    2. 2010. Kei San Pablo – Business, Entrepreneurship and Social Media
    I failed to renew the domain then was offered to buy it back at an insane amount. Duh!

    3. 2011. Kei’s Lifestyle Closet – Adventures of a Multi-tasker
    My failed attempt to improving my social life through fashion and lifestyle blogging. Emphasis on failed social life. lol

    4. Coffee Wanderlust – Have Coffee, Will Travel
    An attempt to document my unbalanced lifestyle of working, having coffee, then working again.

    5. Kei San Pablo Biz – you are here

    So now I am thinking, was it my lack of time to blog? Or topic to write about? Or is it just me?

    So yeah, it was ME all this time and my lack of commitment. So here I am back again to sharing and blogging.

    Pinky swear!

    Kei San Pablo

    is the Founder and Managing Director of The K Squad Outsourcing Solutions. A self-confessed workaholic, she is a Virtual Entrepreneur and a hands-on Digital Marketing Strategist. When not working, she still thinks about work and her desire to travel the world with her bestfriend --- her Macbook Air.

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