Brunch to Breakfast Monday Part II

    Coffee. 24 hours. Wi-fi. I must be in heaven!

    Aside from being insomniac, I consider myself a night owl and my brain works best at night. One of the many things I loved when I was still working at a hospital as a nurse – people are busy no matter what hour of the day. And also one of the main reasons New York is in my bucket list – The City that never sleeps.

    I have long been in search for a 24 hour cafe where I can work especially on days/nights when I feel like my evil evil bed is tempting me to join him in a sinful sleep. So I was very excited to learn about Seattle’s Best Coffee’s 24 hours branch in Makati City. The place is conveniently located, though about 1.5 hours away from my home, but transportation is accessible. It’s in the Business District there are BPO offices and fellow night workers everywhere.

    I’d say this has been my first time to stay at a Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop again after a few years since I have been loyal to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to satisfy my coffee and wi-fi needs. I am quite impressed with the interiors. I love local cafes and one thing about Seattle’s Best Coffee is that it kinda brings you to a different place – which is, Seattle of course. You see, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, wherever you go – the interiors and ambiance are the same. Which is also something I love because it has became a comfort place wherever I am, once I spot a Starbucks or CBTL store, I know what to order. As a wanderlust, it felt good to be zoned into Seattle while I am in the middle of The Philippines’ business capital.

    I also got excited with their wide variation in their menu. Not that I will order anything chocolate or anything, but it is nice to know there are so much to choose from. I am not very experimental when it comes to my drinks, since I enjoy my coffee strong – I almost always simply order an Americano, Espresso or Pressed Coffee – plain and black. I also liked that they had a lot of food choices – another thing lacking in Starbucks or CBTL.

    I ordered their Naughty Toddy, which was basically black coffee in ice. Then later in the wee hours I had a Peach-flavored hot tea.

    The place, I must say, is quite cozy. There is a separate area for smokers. Since we came in at odd hours, people simply come and go and only a few stayed for a long time. Maybe those who are just on their breaks, will buy something then leave.

    Back to our main purpose of going there – work. Wi-fi speed was decent enough for some email and web browsing. I was not able to take a speed test though. I don’t think they have free wi-fi connection too, we were just able to access because Aj had free internet coupons. Also, each code/coupon only lasts for an hour so every hour you get disconnected and need to renew the access code. Really annoying. Anyway, we had a lot to discuss so we really used up an hour of two of internet connection. Another thing is that they do not have a lot of power outlet so I kinda had to change seats to charge my computer.

    Now since Christmas season is also equivalent to sticker/stamp season, I just checked out their journal and I am obsessed! I have not been making use of past planners that I got from Starbucks and CBTL because I often missed out writing on specific dates. But Seattle’s journal is basically a notebook in a leather cover so I find it more fit for my needs. I am definitely collecting stamps and getting the pink one!

    I’ve been reading more about 24 hour coffee shops all over the world, maybe that should be my next mission!

    Seattle’s Best Coffee Valero
    Unit G2 Ponte Salcedo
    120 Valero St.,
    Salcedo Village, Makati City

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